John Queen, owner, Quality Lighting Center, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Lights America gave me a Web site that at first I thought I could not afford. Now, I am completely satisfied with the site, with the training my sales people have received, and with the amount of traffic we get. It helps to know that I don't have to know about web sites to have one. The support and customer service is top notch.

Lights America lets me manage my site myself. I control my pricing, which items I want to show, and I watch my sales people go back to selling. This service obliviously is put together by people that know lighting. Everything is taken care of for you. W, and with price changes coming so often, it is nice to know my site is always up to date.

Finally, a product for real lighting showrooms! If you are frustrated by watching your sales people spin their wheel" while trying to make fixture selections, this is something you should check out. Everything they need to make the sale is in one place. No more going back and forth to catalogs and price sheets. Time means money.

Lights America changed my business, from the way we purchase to the way we take care of customers. My sales staff has everything they need to close a sale right in front of them. My managers are able to track upcoming sales, make showrooms tags, and take a different approach to displays. And, my purchasers have a data base of fixtures that will give visuals of what they are buying. We have gone from the old, slow and inefficient way of doing things to something that is very, fast and effective. Technology is sometimes hard for our industry, but with Lights America, I can use technology to enhance every part of my business without being overwhelmed by it. Our web site is something we actually use. It is not just something to say we have, or a feather in our hat. It changes the way we do our job, and it is a change for the better.

John Queen, Lights America User for three years.